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mind blowing facts (black apples exist)

60 Mind blowing Facts that’ll Make you Forget Where You are Now

Today, I’ll show you mind-blowing facts and realities you never thought could occur.

You wouldn’t believe how these unbelievable mysteries evolved. I just can’t  wait to show you.

Like I’m so curius right now to show you. Just hit the share button after you’re done learning one or two shocking realities today.

1. Every 'C' in "Pacific Ocean" is pronounced in different ways.

The English language is unique, and among the most outstanding examples of this is way we speak out the Pacific Ocean. Take time to say it, and you’ll notice that every 'C' is stated otherwise - the first using the 's' phoneme, the second has a strict 'C.K.' noise, and the third using a 'sh' sound.

2. Black Apples exist.

We tend to think about apples as being reddish, even though there are, clearly, some famous yellow and green varieties exist. However, are you aware there are also black apples?

3. Butt-shaped robots are used to examine mobiles.

If you have ever placed your mobile phone in the trunk of your trousers, you are likely to be aware that your backside poses a threat for this people often forget their telephone is there once they sit down, and this may bring about a crushed and cracked apparatus.

That is why Samsung uses butt-shaped robots to check their goods. Following Business Insider, the artificial bums ‘'sit” on Samsung telephones over and over again to examine bending and durability."

4. There are giant dinosaurs too significant as polar bears.

“At a plantation deep in the southern area of China lives an extremely major pig that is too significant as a polar bear," according to Bloomberg.

The monster weighs a whopping 1,102 lbs, which is reasonably impressive considering the International Association for Bear Research and Management says mature male polar bears weigh anywhere from 880 to 1,320 lbs.

The huge pig that "is a part of a herd that is being bred to develop into giant parasitic" will eventually be marketed for meat, also because of its dimensions, which will probably bring in about $1,400.

5. Japanese golfers possess hole-in-one insurance.

If you believe you take sports seriously, think about how an estimated four thousand golfers in Japan developed hole-in-one insurance before they have a swing. They  have been doing this since the first this policy was provided in 1982.

Ranked players pay a premium of $65 annually for $3,500 in the system. The excess money is useful if a golfer sees a remarkable accomplishment and is anticipated to observe by paying for meals, beverages, and gifts, which may cost quite a bit.

6. Cucamelons seem like grape-sized watermelons but have a citrus taste.

Lots of individuals love eating watermelon, but have you tried a cucamelon?

Even though cucamelons or "mouse melons" seem as they could be associated with watermelons - and indeed seem like miniature grape-sized variations of the giant fruit - they still resemble sodas indoors enriched with flavour.

Originally from Mexico and Central America, cucamelons could be eaten as they are, added to a salad, made into cauliflower, and pickled.

7. Walt Disney World would match within Canada 81,975 occasions.

Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom theme park, revealing that the fairy tale castle, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Walt Disney World is a large area, but Canada is far more extensive. In reality, the country up north is enormous (3. 85 million square kilometers to be precise ), that it is the second-largest nation on the planet, coming after Russia (6.6 million square kilometers ) and before the United States (3. 79 million square kilometers ).

That is why the treasured theme park can fit inside of Canada 81,975 occasions. And to find more surprising details regarding the happiest place in the world, take a look at these 35 Amazing truth about Disney World Just Insiders Know.

8. The kangaroo mouse needs to consume water.

Despite being named after an Australian animal, the kangaroo mouse resides in the Nevada desert. And because it lives in this sterile place, it learned to adapt by acquiring each of the hydration it requires through the seeds that it occupies. This usually means that the kangaroo mouse drinks water.

9. Spending only a couple of weeks in Antarctica can shrink your mind.

Tourist taking photographs of the unique floating landscape in Antarctica with icebergs, snow, mountains, and glaciers, a beautiful character in Antarctic Peninsula with ice hockey (Tourist taking pictures of the beautiful floating landscape in Antarctica with icebergs, snow, mountain.

Whenever you visit Antarctica, make sure to do as much socializing as possible and develop stimulating ways to keep yourself occupied. Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine at Dec. 2019 clarified that"brain imaging from two polar expeditioners before and after 14 months of isolation revealed that the amount of the hippocampal dentate gyrus was lesser compared to in controls."

IFL Science notes that"researchers consider the changes in the mind they observed are caused by... ecological monotony and protracted isolation."

10. A prank convinced those in Germany who Hansel and Gretel Really Were.

Hansel and Gretel looking house horticulture screen: home using moss and exotic plant structure.

Hansel and Gretel are characters you will probably understand from the 1812 Brothers Grimm fairy tale, but in 1963, a prank had people thinking that the dinosaurs were actual. Die Wahrheit über Hänsel und Gretel (The Truth About Hansel and Gretel) was a publication written by German artist Hans Traxler.

His writing maintained that the sister and brother were murderous adult siblings who'd dwelt in the mid-17th century and had murdered a witch to get their hands on her recipe for a gingerbread-like deal.

The publication even included (imitation ) proof, like a bit of newspaper containing the recipe written down. The narrative allegedly triggered an"uproar," based on Atlas Obscura, who notice the Berliner Zeitung newspaper asked readers if that was an example of"a criminal case from the ancient capitalist age"

11. Greenland sharks do not reach sexual maturity until they're 150.

Greenland sharks, which can also be called gurry sharks or gray sharks, and are inclined to live long lives.

Since the longest-living vertebrate on earth, they could swim around the ocean for as many as 400 decades and not reach sexual maturity until they're 150.

12. The longest bike on the planet is over 135 ft long.

If you have ever ridden a tandem bicycle, you know it may be complicated to get one proceeding. Just imagine how tough it must have been to ride a bike that extended for 135 ft and 10.7 inches, making it the most extended cycle on earth.

Founded by Santos and the University of South Australia in 2015, many cyclists did figure out how to ride the bicycle --that was substantially wider than usual to compensate for its span --within a distance of 100 meters.

13. A couple once attempted to name their kid Brfxxccxxmnpccccll-lmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116, pronounced  “Albin."

Stars are known for providing their kid's unique names--Vogue points out that A-lister child names comprise Gravity, Pilot Inspektor, Apple, and North, Saint, and Chicago.

However, you don't need to be famous to elect an unforeseen moniker. According to the BBC, a few once attempted to name their kid Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116, which is pronounced as "Albin."

They had supposedly selected the name to protest Sweden's strict name-related laws, which explains why it might not be surprising that their choice has been reversed.

14. Text messages delivered by eagles bankrupted scientific research.

A group in the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network believed they had a fantastic idea when they connected SMS text-based tracking devices to 13 steppe eagles.

The expectation has been that the birds could send valuable information regarding their behavior. Regrettably, one bird flew to Iran, "where roaming prices are sky-high," based on Smithsonian. To obtain a notion of the type of cash involved, the eagle sent hundreds of text messages simultaneously, and each 1 cost about 77 cents.

Scientist Elena Shnayder told The New York Times, "He vanished for five months, and all a sudden here he is, with a very, very hefty phone invoice " The invoice was so pricey that it ended up bankrupting the analysis.

15. The maximum tiramisu measured was 897 feet and 3 inches.

If you like tiramisu, you likely believe you might never get a lot of this yummy treat. But you may reconsider that opinion if you determine that the maximum tiramisu ever generated was 897 ft and 3 inches.

Manufactured by Italian cheese manufacturer Galbani, pupils from the Milan Cooking School constructed the giant dessert, that was subsequently divided up and functioned to people in the record-breaking occasion. In contrast, an additional 15,000 bits went to a regional children's hospital.

16. The Star Trek theme tune has lyrics.

Most pop culture lovers could float along to the Star Trek theme tune, but were you aware some lyrics come along with the timeless song? And we are not referring to this"Space, the final frontier..." monologue that is spoken at the start.

Composed by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, the words (and thoughts ) shared by The Los Angeles Times are equally, er, spacey as you may anticipate. If you would like to sing together, all you want to do would be croon, "Beyond the rim of this star-light, my love is' wand'ring at star-flight..."

17. The Ethiopian calendar is seven years behind the rest of the planet.

In Ethiopia, things are done a little differently regarding calculating the entire year we are in. When most nations worldwide follow the Gregorian calendar, the African American country uses its very own.

And even though both systems "use the birthdate of Jesus Christ as a beginning point due to their calculations," based on Culture Trip, the arrival of their very first people also plays to the discrepancy. "The Orthodox Church considers Jesus Christ was born in 7 BC, 5,500 years following God's promise to Adam and Eve." As a result of this, Ethiopia is really around seven decades behind the rest of the planet.

18. We have computers such as the Amish with no world wide web, videos, or audio.

Amish men and women tend to reject contemporary manners, but despite this, there's still a pc made particularly for the tech-wary group. "The important selling point, not surprisingly, is all of the things that the computer does not do," according to NPR.

"No world wide web, no movie, no audio." So what is it used for? The standard company and just a company. "Generally speaking, the Amish are more prepared to adopt new technologies if they could justify it for business reasons and they're able to keep it outside of the house."

19. A parking place in Hong Kong offered nearly $1 million.

If you believe parking is pricey in your region, you will be amazed by just how much a place can cost in Hong Kong. A 135-square-foot parking place before the town's fifth largest building, The Center, was bought for $969,000.

This is the fourth profitable trade for president Johnny Cheung, who left six characters from the first three parking areas. Midland Commercial district revenue manager James Mak stated, "There are few car park lots... for sale, therefore prices have been kept large." It may be well worth adhering to public transport.

20. Clams have toes.

Even though it may seem like clams have a significant tongue that occasionally protrudes out of their casing to poke around the seafloor, what you are seeing is afoot. The appendage, relatively long compared to this animal's total size, is used to dig in the sand.

21. If  water on earth drops as rain simultaneously, the whole world would get 1 inch of precipitation.

The majority of the earth is covered in water, which divides our seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers. But if all that water occurred to evaporate then return in a giant storm, the whole world will have 1 inch of rain. Granted, this is not likely to take place out of a sci-fi film. However, if we ever watch such wonky weather, let us hope we have an umbrella with us.

22. A bit of 10,000-year-old chewing gum has been discovered.

Individuals who chew gum do something that's existed for more than they probably know. In May 2019, Communications Biology printed study completed on gum made from birch bark pitch, approximately 9,540 to 9,880 years of age.

When examined, scientists found DNA that belonged to early Scandinavians, that had chomped down on the pitch gum tens of tens of thousands of years back.

23. ncredible Hulk was initially supposed to be grey.

Marvel's Incredible Hulk is just as well-known for his body because he is for his testy character. But it ends up that he had been presumed to be another, less monstrous color.

"Initially, [comic book author ] Stan Lee and [comic book artist] Jack Kirby supposed the Hulk to be grey," based on Gizmodo, who explain the color was"a lot a riff on Mr. Hyde."

But things did not go as intended once"the printing media kept having difficulty with the Hulk's colour and he kept coming out green" Due to this, the personality just popped up at the first couple of problems as a mad grey figure.

24. "Mountain Dew" was a slang for moonshine.

Mountain Dew might be a popular soft drink. However, the title was redeemed for moonshine. To back this claim up, Smithsonian points into The Stanley Brothers' song"Mountain Dew," which is"an Appalachian folk tune that most certainly is not referring to the soda."

Instead, the lyrics refer to "good old' mountain dew" or prohibited mountain-brewed booze.

25. Japan has a telephone to call the deceased.

Public phone booths might be rare nowadays, but there is one situated in a Japanese hilltop garden that is incredibly uncommon. The"end phone" was made by a guy named Itaru Sasaki.

He believed it would be a recovery (if whimsical) method to speak with his cousin that had passed away--even when the dialogue was one-sided. Others also use the telephone to feel closer to their loved ones.

26. The crap phrase"umop apisdn" is"upside down" spelled upside down.

Go right ahead and reverse whatever device you are reading this on upside down, and check out those first two phrases. You will observe that"umop apisdn" does bout"upside down" using nearly entirely distinct letters.

27. If you folded a sheet of paper 42 occasions, it'd be thick enough to get to the moon.

Yep, you read that correctly. According to Gizmodo, all it can take to confirm that is some easy mathematics. Should you fold a sheet of paper in half, it doubles in depth. And if you fold it in half again, then it doubles in the midst.

With this kind of exponential expansion, it might take only 23 folds to get an a1-millimeter bit of paper to become one kilometer thick, thick also 30 folds for this to become thick enough to reach outer space (100,000 km ). Sad to say, the entire record for the number of folds is 12.

28. Every mammal has the same number of neck vertebrae--except for 2

When it is a giraffe, a mouse, or even a person, every mammal has just seven vertebrae. However, there are tw o exceptions to this rule: sloths and manatees.

Two-toed sloths have five to seven neck vertebrae, and three-toed sloths have eight or nine; manatees have six, based on a 2011 study published in BioMed Central.

29. There is a world record for the awesome collection of mini books.

India's Sathar Adhoor includes a surprisingly colossal book collection, mainly since it comprises teeny tiny literature variants. A door is the owner of the world's biggest collection of mini books, including 3,137 unique mini novels.
(Officially, a"mini publication" could be no bigger than three inches in height, width, or depth.)

30. The term"oxymoron" is an oxymoron itself.

Following Merriam-Webster, an oxymoron is"a combination of contradictory or incongruous words."

They use"cruel kindness" to illustrate their purpose. However, the dictionary also might have used the phrase"oxymoron," for instance --because it ends up an oxymoron itself. "Oxymoron" is derived from the Greek words"oxys," meaning"sharp," and"moronos," meaning"dull" or"dumb."

31. The human heart beats more than 2. 5 billion times in typical life.

Your heart may beat faster when you are excited and slow down when you are relaxed, but generally, it tends to maintain an average rate. In reality, most human hearts beat a mean of 60 to 70 times weekly and 100,000 times every day.

That is about 35 million times per year, and over 2. 5 billion times during everyday life, based on PBS.

32. Oxford University is older than the Aztecs.

The Aztec culture of central Mexico started in 1325 with the heritage of the city of Tenochtitlan. This looks like a very long time back --it was! However, you'd need to go around much farther to see the founding of Oxford University, which began as a learning pulse as early as 1096.

From 1249, the college had set itself as an educational institution with"halls of residence," which still endure today.

33. Minnesota has more coastline than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined

If you think of areas that boast many shorelines, your thoughts probably go directly to the coastal countries. However, Minnesota--that the"Land of 10,000 Lakes," or, even more precisely, 11,842 lakes--has more coastline than Hawaii, California, and Florida combined, following National Geographic.

34. People used to believe that a few lambs grew on trees.

The "Vegetable Lamb" has been believed to be a creature that climbed from the Lamb Tree in the area of Tartary, a place that eventually became Europe and Central Asia.

The exceptional plant arrived in two distinct varieties, based on medieval texts (the fantasy was traced back to 436). One climbed the newborn lambs interior of pods, and another made a lamb that has been attached to a stem from its belly button.

The lambs were seemingly hunted (or could this be accumulated?) For their flesh, which tasted like sweet and fish blood. Yum!

35. "Shemomechama" is a word meaning"I ate the entire thing."

If you have ever had the aim of enjoying with two or three of your favorite deal but ended up regretting every last piece, then you need to include"shemomechama" for your language. The word, which does not have an English equivalent, translates into"I ate the entire thing."

36. The planet's highest hot dog prices $169.

The Tokyo Dog Food truck at Seattle, Washington, costs $169 because of the"Juuni Ban," making it the world's most expensive hot dog.

The hot dog incorporates grilled cheese bratwurst, butter teriyaki grilled onions, maitake mushrooms, Wagyu beef, foie gras, shaved black truffles, Japanese caviar mayonnaise on a brioche bun.

37. There's a desert in Canada.

When you consider Canada, you probably envision acres of woods and a lot of snow. Nonetheless, it turns out there is also a desert at the Great White North.

According to The Star, "that the grasslands and southern hills away from the city of Osoyoos are still an expansion of the Sonoran Desert that runs as far south as Mexico and creeps north to shape Canada's only arid desert" The place in British Columbia is home to 100 rare plants and 300 animals that can not be found anyplace else in the nation, including painted turtles, scorpions, and pygmy short-horned lizards.

38. A barista set a world record for earning 420 cappuccinos within one hour.

If you are heading into the regional coffee shop and want your beverage ASAP, then hopefully, you're going to get a barista such as Liza Thomas. The Australian girl put a world record if she created 420 cappuccinos in only 1 hour.

According to Guinness World Records,"Liza's effort had the extra strain of occurring in people, with fellow coworkers and café goers seeing her every movement and appreciating the cappuccinos, which were given away as she left them."

39. Stars do not twinkle.

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" might have led us to think that the enormous celestial bodies at the night skies are amazing, but it ends up the rooting we see is a"distance mirage."

The light that emanates from celebrities is steady and continuous, but the earth's atmosphere interferes with what we see, which explains why they seem to twinkle.

40. Armadillos always give birth to identical quadruplets.

Possessing multiple infants at the same time is ordinary for its nine-banded armadillo. This monster, which may be located through the Americas, nearly always gives birth to quadruplets and every newborn puppy equal to its allies.

41. Betty White is old than ballpoint pens, trampolines, and sliced bread.

Actress Betty White was born on Jan. 17, 1922.  That usually means the Hollywood icon is old than many items, such as ballpoint pens, trampolines, microwaves, electric razors, instant coffee, garages, traffic signs, rubber tires, frozen meals, sunglasses, as well as sliced bread.

42. The first time that a bathroom appeared on T.V. was in 1957.

There were far stricter rules regarding what you could and could not show onscreen from the first days of television. That is the reason Leave It to Beaver ran to an issue in 1957 when a single script contained the show's notable characters maintaining their pet alligator in a container.

The problem was that they were not permitted to reveal a bathroom on T.V., based on the Standards and Practices section. Finally, they reached a compromise: The series could comprise the toilet tank provided that the bowl stayed from this shooter.

43. A queen termite could live around 50 decades.

Termites are industrious little creatures capable of creating immense structures due to their expansive colonies. But that is not the only noteworthy thing about these.

The queen termite may also live around 50 decades, which is the most extended lifespan of any known insect, based on Smithsonian. In contrast, soldier and worker termites live only one or two decades.

44. Newborn babies do not cry tears.

In addition to eating, sleeping, and pooping, infants spend lots of time yelling. But while they could shout and wail, newborns do not shed tears.

That ability requires some time to grow, and that's why parents will not begin to see real teardrops form until their infant is between 2 weeks and three weeks old.

45. Horses can't physically vomit.

Why don’t horses vomit? Based on Equus magazine, horses possess considerably more powerful lower esophageal sphincters compared to other creatures, and this also makes it impossible for this valve to start under backward pressure in the gut.

46. 1816 was called "the year without a summer."

In April 1815, Mount Tambora in Indonesia experienced the most massive volcanic eruption in history. The event, which lasted an unthinkable fourteen days, drove hundreds of tons of ash, dust, and sulfur dioxide to the earth's atmosphere.

That blanket of ash protected the world from sunlight, which resulted in"the year without summer."

According to USA Today, portions of New England saw heavy snow falling from June and a mortal frost set in throughout July and August.

47. The typical cloud weighs an estimated 1. 1 million lbs.

Clouds may seem like large fluffy puffs of cotton, but they are very hefty. As stated by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the ordinary cloud weighs approximately 1.1 million pounds (551 heaps).

Despite their immense burden, "that 'hefty' cloud is drifting over your head since the atmosphere below it's even heavier--even the lower density of the cloud enables it to float onto the drier and more-dense air."

48. Human teeth are equally as powerful as shark teeth.

Shark teeth could be feared, but human teeth are equally as powerful. Following some 2012 research in the Journal of Structural Biology, the tooth on an individual wisdom tooth is equally as tricky as the enamel coating on shark tooth decay.

Both are made from mineral crystals jumped together with proteins, which forbid teeth shark and human alike, shattering beneath a sudden effect.

49. The odor of chocolate makes people wish to purchase romance novels.

Winter super foods, Finest Foods for Enhancing Your Energy Levels

The notion of love conjures pictures of candy and roses, sweet music, and more adorable treats. Many men and women associate the odor of candy using a lovey-dovey vibe, a 2013 study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology.

It revealed that chocolate at a publication makes people wish to purchase romance novels.

50. Cleopatra lived nearer in time to the moon landing than the building of the fantastic Pyramid of Giza.

Cleopatra is easily among the most well-known rulers of Egypt, but she lived nearer to the moon shooting than building the incredible Pyramid of Giza. The queen died in 30 B.C., although the fantastic pyramid of Giza was built around 2560 B.C..

That usually means the volcano was finished over 2,500 years before Cleopatra's time.

51. The most giant scoop of ice cream considered over 3,000 lbs.

I scream you scream, most of us scream for ice cream! And lovers of the cold treat will certainly squeal over the most significant ice cream scoop, which weighed 3,010 lbs. In June 2014, Kemps at Cedarburg, Wisconsin, served as a strawberry-flavored spade that measured almost 6 feet by 6 feet.

It took about 733 home containers of ice cream to produce the enormous serving assembled by five nationally rated snow sculptors before being portioned out. It passed off to attendees in the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival.

52. The human nose could detect over 1 trillion scents.

Previously, scientists thought that people could just smell around 10,000 distinct scents. But, according to your 2014 research published in Science, we might have the ability to discover about 1 trillion odors.

"People are talked into this concept that people are poor at detecting scents," said Rockefeller University neurobiologist Leslie Vosshall, who headed the analysis. Incredibly, it feels like we are not so low at it whatsoever!

53. Playing Portal two is better for the mind than brain-training Programs like Lumosity.

Should you use brain-training programs like Lumosity or happen to be thinking about trying out one, you may wish to look at giving the match Portal two a shot.

That is as a 2014 study published in the journal Computers & Education discovered the puzzle-solving video game is genuinely better for the brain than programs which are mainly designed to enhance your cognitive skills.

It can assist you with problem-solving cognitive abilities, as well as your degree of persistence.

54. "Kummerspeck" is the German term for the weight you put on from emotional eating.

Occasionally, once you're sad or worried, picking up your preferred Takeout or indulging in a tasty dessert may be a straightforward means to make yourself feel somewhat better.

But if you overindulge in many snacks, you may notice a bit"kummerspeck," which is precisely what Germans call the weight that you put on because of emotional eating. Hilariously, it translates into "grief bacon."

55. President Ulysses S. Grant was arrested for speeding on a horse.

Ulysses S. Grant, the USA's 18th president, did not always adhere to the law while he had been in office. The expert equestrian Enjoyed traveling at high rates, which was prohibited. When Grant was captured Going in a so-called"mad rate," police officer William H.

West had given him a firm warning. Even though Grant apologized, he had been caught speeding the following day by precisely the same officer. Because of This, he was detained and taken Into the police station, where he had been reserved and fined because of his crime.

56. Your mouth generates about one litre of saliva every day.

You may discover that your mouth is a little sterile when you are nervous. However, on many days, you create about one litre of spit.

57. Scientists found almost 1,500 new bacteria species in gut buttons.

When a group from North Carolina State University chose to Check out what was inside the belly buttons of 60 distinct men and women, they discovered that a"rain forests" of life. In general, they found 2,368 bacterial species, 1,458 of that could be fresh.

Following National Geographic, the belly button of"one science author, for example, seemingly uttered a bacterium which had previously been discovered only in dirt from Japan in which he's been. Still another [volunteer], that had not washed in many decades, hosted two types of so-called extremophile bacteria that normally flourish in ice caps and thermal vents."

58. Human bodies give a little quantity of light that glows.

Being a person that glows sounds just like something from A superhero film. Nonetheless, it ends up that all bodies emit a minimal quantity of light. "The body actually glimmers," wrote researchers at a 2009 study published in PLoS One.

As soon as it's pretty cool to consider our bodies shimmering like a gemstone, the scientists explained why we could not observe the glistening sheen, writing, "The strength of the light emitted from the entire body is 1,000 times lower compared to the sensitivity of our naked eyes."

According to The Guardian, this shine is"that the Consequence of highly reactive free radicals generated through mobile respiration interacting with free-floating lipids and proteins. The 'excited' molecules which result can respond with substances called fluorophores to emit photons."

59. The most giant turtle ever recorded weighed over the usual ton

The biggest and heaviest turtle ever recorded was a leatherback that washed ashore from the UK at Sept. 1988 after it'd drowned as it had been trapped in a fishing line.

Approximately 100 years old in the time of its passing, the turtle had been nearly 9 feet long and weighed against 2,016 lbs.

60. The gold in earth's heart could ensure earth at a knee-high layer.

Down in earth's heart, there is a stash of stone which Sank to its present place once the world was in a molten state. There is so much of this metal down there which if it had been to pay earth's surface, it might produce a coating which has been approximately 13 inches thick.